Why Its Important To Take More Risks

July 18, 2019

Nearly fifty years ago Neil Armstrong’s heart rate ticked along at a 75 beats per minute. Considering the fact he was flying through space at over 25,000 mph his heart appeared to be surprising normal.

It wouldn’t be until a day later when he descended down the ladder of the lunar module that his heart rate would jump to a staggering 125 beats per minute.

Maybe it was the excitement of being the first man on the moon or the fear of worrying whether his spacesuit would actually work, but his ability to control his fear and accomplish the mission drove him into the history books as the first man to walk on the moon.

On July 16, 1969, 3 brave souls embarked on a journey that would capture the world’s imagination and demonstrate the power of dreams and collaboration. Thousands of Americans would go on to fulfill JFK’s commitment to put a man on the moon.

None of this could have been possible without risk. Individuals willing to stake everything including their lives to accomplish a goal. Nothing great is ever gained without significant risk. The more the risk, the greater the accomplishment.

It all started with one man’s bold dream, but was founded in the practical goal of beating the Russians and establishing America’s technological prowess to the world.

Right now tremendous opportunity exists in the world for those willing to risk everything. On the anniversary of the lunar landing I am reminded by those brave souls who risked everything to step foot on the moon. Walking on the moon was an achievement in itself, but very few know about the tremendous wealth that was also created by the government from the technology that was created.

The science that was needed to put a man on the moon which included heart rate monitors, eventually trickled down into the private sector making companies like Microsoft possible. In the case of the Apollo mission, the government assumed the risk when the private sector couldn’t.

It is my firm belief that this nation was built by risk takers for risk takers. From our Founding Fathers until today, vast wealth and opportunity has been unleashed by those willing to assume great risk in pursuit of their dreams. America was built by those willing to gamble their lives to pursue their own happiness and create opportunities for others. Now more than ever America needs more risk takers.

“America was built by risk takers for risk takers”

Taking a risk is never easy and often is some times the result of one’s current situation becoming so onerous and untenable that it is the only option. In business it is no different.

I have witnessed this phenomenon first hand on two occasions. Both times I ended up taking a risk to set out on my own to create something better to add value to my clients’ business.

Recently I was speaking to a wealthy friend at the gym. He had made a fortune in oil. As I told him about my recent decision to start a new company he beamed with excitement as I told him about my new venture.

“Good for you. The only way you will ever get rich in America is by taking on the risk. Without risk the big money will never come, with risk you assume the responsibility and ultimately the reward.”

Advertising is just one industry that has been greatly affected by the change. From video production to web development, the industry is facing numerous challenges from those both home and abroad — individuals who are willing to do it better, faster and cheaper. In my experience they often deliver better solutions for the client.

Clients more than ever need intelligent solutions to their challenges. Every day they are faced with the pressure of delivering greater results with less resources. Technology and productivity gains have helped, but businesses’ need for smart partners who can help will never go away.

At Juno Collective we seek to harness that entrepreneurial and competitive spirit in a client-friendly environment that provides our clients with turn key solutions from the best talent for their most difficult challenges. More importantly we seek to add value and create opportunities while pursuing our own dreams and aspirations.

In my experience most people aren’t ready for change or aren’t willing to take a risk for a better outcome. They prefer to take the safe route for various reasons and end up with only marginal gains or lackluster results. At Juno Collective, we seek to help and work with exceptional people who aren’t afraid of risk and will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams.

The world is evolving. Now more than ever America needs more risk takers to start the next world changing company to create opportunities for themselves and others. Every day technology is making many jobs obsolete while at the same time creating opportunity for those that are willing to embrace the risk.

Achieving greatness is never easy but it is absolutely necessary if we as a country hope to succeed.