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Norfolk Southern

In 2023, Norfolk Southern hired us to help train crews on various safety and operational procedures. NS is taking steps to better educate its engineers and conductors due to increased scrutiny by federal/state authorities and local communities resulting from the derailment in East Palestine.

NS tasked our firm with creating videos and materials that deal with train marshaling and the forces that affect trains. We are also currently working on videos to showcase new technology; designed to enhance safety and improve customer shipment transparency. We have taken a creative approach to developing engaging visuals that stand out from typical training videos. The goal is to address mission-critical issues and help ensure the safety of the communities they serve.

Part of the assignment also includes helping NS develop an internal communications plan to promote the videos and establish timelines so the education fits within the train crews’ already busy schedules.


We are in ongoing discussions to identify areas in their business where we can help them mitigate risk and exposure with better learning tools.

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