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Amtrak Office of Community Engagement

As a way to invest in and help the communities it serves, Amtrak established the Office of Community Engagement, an arm of the organization tasked with deploying and promoting community-related efforts. The program was designed to help foster a corporate culture of social good and responsibility, as well as help promote Amtrak’s ongoing efforts to help the communities they serve.


Our team was tasked with developing the brand identity for the newly established Office of Community Engagement. We were challenged with creating a look and feel that aligned with Amtrak’s core business, yet still felt meaningful and empathic to interface with communities.


We are also working to help Amtrak directly engage with communities across America affected by construction by creating tactics to communicate updates and build goodwill with residents and businesses.


Our responsibilities include overall strategy development, nonprofit outreach, and building out all branding elements, including logo design, brand style guide, collateral materials, web design consultation, and branded merchandise.

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