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Jeff A. Davis
Staff VP - Communications
General Dynamics


Juno Collective has been a great partner to us, helping us to compile, design, develop and publish both our annual and sustainability reports. From the beginning, David took the time to understand our company, our strategy, our communication priorities as well as our unique design requirements. David and his team presented innovative concepts that hit the mark in matching our company’s unique branding and corporate identity needs, while delivering copy that was crisp and on-message. He provided frank counsel as we worked through multiple iterations and updates, and in all cases, his advice made the final product better. We especially appreciate the level of personal service that David can provide as a small agency.

Angela Adams-Bauer
BMW Vehicle Distribution Manager


Juno Collective supported us in our grand opening event. Their efforts to deliver quality and service exceeded our expectations. 


From the beginning of our project together their partnership mindset, and attention to detail helped us hit a milestone our associates and leaders will remember for years to come.


We greatly appreciated the array of unique services they offer, their creativity, and smart solutions to problem solving.

Tim Wang
Deputy General Manager
JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA Inc.


I’m very pleased to recommend David White as a marketing professional, colleague, and as a friend. David and I collaborated on a 2 year bidding project to secure one of the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with David. He is patient, dependable, and has an impeccable work ethic. David would be an incredible asset to any challenge he lends his knowledge to.

While David’s creative process would impress even the most critical minds, he is still very receptive to his clients’ vision and desires. Our lengthy collaboration where David acted as JX Nippon Oil & Energy’s outside marketing department, I found him consistently organizing information brainstorming sessions into remarkably coherent concepts. David has his finger on the pulse of automotive and marketing trends and provides content that’s concise yet captivating. Along with his undeniable talent, David has always been an absolute joy to work with. He never loses focus on the target, and always manages to keep his client’s best interest at heart. I feel a very strong bond was formed between David and myself through our collaboration together.

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Gary T. Sease
VP -Corporate Communications
CSX Transportation


I am pleased to provide insight on my long-time business colleague, David White of Juno Collective. Over more than a decade at a Fortune 250 company, including my role as vice president of corporate communications, I worked closely with David on multiple campaigns supporting employee and public safety, brand integration, and health and wellness initiatives.


Through my company’s collaboration with David, he and his team consistently provided strategic counsel that included targeted activation and affordable solutions within the rapidly changing social and media environment. My relationship with David began in 2004 with a pressing challenge to enhance driver safety at rail-highway crossings. Previous campaigns had struggled to find traction in the saturated public safety messaging space. David’s team created and executed a guerilla campaign that represented a significant departure from traditional public safety messaging. The campaign was acknowledged in The Wall Street Journal as an effective example of guerilla marketing. More recently, expanded public safety messaging across social media and other platforms leveraged some of the most recognizable sports brands, yet all within a modest budget. In addition to his creativity and workplace rigor, David’s integrity and values make him an ideal business partner. As a friend and recently an international adventurer, he brings a grounded and contemporary perspective to his clients. I am privileged to recommend David as your business partner.

Lane Crider
Executive Manager
Regal Nissan


I first met David about 5 years ago when I accepted an offer to establish a Nissan open point in Newnan Georgia. Opening a brand new dealership is one of the most daunting and difficult business ventures in the automotive world today (and especially in the overly saturated Atlanta market). David was instrumental in establishing a solid marketing plan with a very crucial clearly defined branding image. Unlike a vendor/employer relationship, David and I were partners. David had an uncanny sense to almost read my mind. He possesses an ability to really connect and interpret and execute successful business plans with creative energy not typical of many ad agencies. I can confidently state that my swift growth at that store can be attributed to the partnership with David. I recommend his creative services and insight to anyone interested in growing their business. As an added bonus, he’s a genuinely nice guy in an industry that has lost a certain degree of gentlemen character. The future is brighter with leaders like David White in it!

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